Comedy is a funny way of being serious.

I started out in the UK TV industry in 1995 and have built up a wealth of experience and knowledge in factual, comedy and entertainment programme making. Along the way, I’ve set up a video services company and worked on digital content for commercial brands plus I’ve made some short films just for fun.

Working my way up through the ranks in TV production, I am lucky to have worked on a variety of projects alongside some of the most talented people in the industry. Known to many as the ‘prank sinatra’ of hidden-camera mischief, I’m an expert in second-guessing human behaviour and recording it on camera often calling the shots from a makeshift video-village in a tiny cupboard.

I can shoot and edit to a professional standard and have acquired filming kit since DV cameras came about and I now own lots of camera, sound and lighting kit. My preferred setup is a Sony F5 camera with CN7 zoom lens & primes used for interviews. I’ve maintained an office edit suite with Final Cut X and Avid for over 15 years and am used to running multiple edit suites as an edit producer.

I’ve credits on a wide range of programmes from hidden camera comedy, pop-culture archive, live studio entertainment, factual formats and popular science programmes. My editorial skills range from idea generation, to improvised storytelling and technical innovation so I’m attracted to projects that break new ground and present fresh challenges.

I have a broad knowledge of how TV programmes are developed and commissioned in the UK and have established contacts in the commissioning and decision making teams. I have been trained and have some experience in senior editorial management and am always looking to improve myself when it comes to creative team leadership, legal and compliance, managerial negotiation techniques and programme pitching.